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New sails and new boats!

The new RS600 sails have arrived and we think they look fantastic!  Huge thank to Ian Montague, Alex Newton Southon and the team at RS Sailing and The Boatyard at Beer for all the hard work amking this happen.

The Boatyard are keen to build a minimum of 3 or 4 boats in November and have a slot in which to do so. They have a fair amount of preparatory work and associated costs in preparing the moulds and therefore are looking to have firm orders by 11th October in order to proceed.

Ian Montague says "I really hope we can muster enough buyers for the planned build to go ahead. There is an option to go with either a complete boat ready to sail (excludes trailer and covers) or a hull only option. You could also opt for something inbetween if you need certain parts.
The hull only option includes wings, all U bolts inc kicker and forestay and also the new pro grip.

I would also highlight the new boat has various improvements including:
•A new design rudder tower, incorporating a hatch for bolted through pintles.
•The new Selden Mast
•The new Square Top Sail
•The new extra thick pro grip as per the boat at the dinghy show. (Please note this is available in various colours)
•The new protection plug inside the daggerboard case
•Removal of the transom bar and replaced with suitable hull strengthening
•Wide range of hull colours available.

If you are interested please speak to either Kevin or Sue at Boat Yard at Beer, who will of course be able to provide you with more details.

The Class has achieved so much and is in a really good place but I think we all agree our boats wont last forever and therefore it is important we take the opportunity to see new boats being built and being made available in the future. So I'm putting my name down for one and I hope there will be a few more in order to get this off the ground."

See the RS600 facebook group for lots of photos and chat about the new boat.

The Boiatyard at Beer 01297 23434

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