United Kingdom

RS Class Association Strava Challenge

16th-25th May
Walk, run, bike, SUP, sail, foil - whatever you do, join in and add the miles for your RS class.

As a sailing community, we are currently limited by the amount of competition we have, there is virtual racing but this can become repetitive over time. With this in mind we have set up a competition so see which Class can cover the greatest distance over 9 days. You can record any activity on Strava be it; running, cycling, walking or if you are lucky enough sailing with any sport counting to the total.

Whilst in the friendly competition we are also trying to fundraise for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation who do great work offering young children a chance to go sailing. If everyone who competes in the competition is able to donate a great total could be raised to help the ASSF raise money that they would normally be receiving.

Our current goal is to raise £2000 so let see how much we can raise and who can go the furthest?

The donation page is set up below

All the details and instructions for the RS Class Association Strava Challenge

In brief - download Strava from your app store, if you're not already on it, look for the club for your fleet e.g. RS100 (there is a space between the RS and the fleet number/name for some) and get out exercising!

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