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RS600 Rooster National Tour 2023 - Save the Dates!

We are looking forward to a great year in 2023 for the RS600s, with a good mix of new venues, some old favourites and what promises to be a great Nationals at Stone Sailing Club on the Blackwater.

With the realistic prospect of some new boats being built in the New Year combined with a number of existing boats that have been acquired by enthusiastic newcomers to the class, the future looks increasingly bright for the RS600 class.

We can look forward to at least one exciting new venue with a visit to Notts County which boasts a great stretch of water and a highly competitive local fleet that has been growing steadily over the last few years. We will also make a welcome return to Bough Beech following the success of last season’s combined Training and Racing event. The Inlands at Grafham has long been a firm favourite with its easy access, on site camping and huge courses not to mention the handy pub that does excellent food. Another popular venue is Stone SC and we go there again for the Nationals in June with the strong possibility of a bumper entry boosted by the two local fleets.

Bough Beech, 22/23 April

On the Saturday there will be a mix of Training and Racing and on Sunday the 600s will be welcome to stay and join in with the club racing.

Rope4Boats Inlands at Grafham Water, 13/14 May

Full two-day event featuring large trapezoid courses shared with the D-Zeros and Streakers who will have their own starts after the 600s. This format has worked really well in previous years and the event always attracts a large entry. 

Noble Marine Allen Nationals at Stone SC, 22-25 June

With sponsorship from Noble Marine and Allen the season’s main event promises to be one to remember if this season’s open is anything to go by. The first day is planned as a practice/ training day with the Championship racing taking place over the following three days.   

Notts County SC, 30 Sept

This will be the RS600s first visit to Notts where there is a very competitive local fleet who will be eager to demonstrate their mastery of the local conditions. The class chairman was able to use his powers of persuasion to convince the club to invite us to their one-day event shared with the Aeros and Solos which can almost be treated as stationary obstacles!

RS End of Seasons at Rutland Water, Early November

The Rooster National Tour concludes at Rutland as part of the RS End of Seasons which includes the overall prize giving for many of the RS classes. Not for the faint hearted this is usually a cold and breezy affair with long physically demanding courses, but is always great fun and definitely one worth going to. 

We look forward to welcoming RS600 sailors old and new, whether you be sailing a shiny new RS600 you’ve just taken delivery of, or an old faithful – there are plenty of sail numbers in the 600 numbers that do incredibly well, it’s been reassuring to see a mix of the oldest and newest boats in the results this year.  By far the best way to improve your sailing is to come along for some class racing and get some tips and advice from the top sailors who are always more than willing to help.

All the dates are on the calendar here, here’s to 2023! 

Ian Marshall

RS600 Class committee

Photos: 2022 RS Games, Digital Sailing

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