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Gul RS600 Winter Championships Grafham Water SC

The Gul RS600 Winter Champs at Gratham was a very windy and bitterly cold weekend with wind strengths of 5/6 gusting 7 on both days. Great credit to the race committee and all competitors to hold 5 out of the 6 scheduled races. On Saturday Charlie Stowe won all 3 races showing everyone how to gybe in strong winds as most choose to tack around rather than swimming at the gybe mark. Charlie also demonstrated some impressive upwind speed, this paid off especially in the 2nd race coming from a late start of about 1 minute after the gun to taking the lead. On Sunday some of the 800 sailors provided a beach party aiding the 600s launching and recovery choosing not to go sailing themselves. With strong winds and lots of breakages on Saturday all but 2 boats opted for the ‘kiddie’ rig. The first race started on time with only 2 boats making the start, both with Full rig. 9 Boats in total launched and attempted the course but after further breakages only 1 boat counted a finish although others completed the course but were to late for the start. After either further retirees or breakages the second race saw all four starters finish, with the ‘kiddie’ rig paying off for Griff Tanner demonstrating some good sailing and less swimming. In all the weekend was an excellent spectator sport providing cold and exhilarating sailing for the competitors.
1. Charlie Stowe, GWSC 2. Jamie Mawson, Pennine 3. Andy Heissig, Lymington Town 4. Peter Sanders, Datchet 5. Griff Tanner, Datchet 6. Rob Jones, Weston 7. David Nunn, Datchet 8. C Morgan, GWSC 9. Paul Smilley, CVLSC 10. John Clifton, Weir Wood 11. Richard Lilley, LTSC 12. Matt Conner 13. Ali Wyatt, Bristol Corinthian
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