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Bloody Mary Pursuit Race Queen Mary SC

    The second event of the RS Fat Face series was held at Datchet S C over the period from 15th – 16th Apr where 13 entrants were greeted with sunshine and a light NW breeze. Race one where a trapezoid course was set was dominated by the light shifting winds and the subsequent ability to sniff out the wind. Off the startline 3 boats, Marshall, Mawson and Anderson all headed left up the first beat gaining substantially by the windward mark. As the race continued the gaps yo-yoed depending who received, by now, the odd zephyr first. By the third lap the fleet had mixed with the 800’s, at the windward mark the front 3 had all closed to about 10yards and it became a case of who could get around the raft of 800’s already parked there. Marshall took a detour around the outside while Mawson and Anderson went for the lets go through them approach. With most boats now parked up around the course it became a drifting race to the finish with Marshall winning, Mawson 2nd, Anderson 3rd. The OOD decided to finish the remainder with their position on the course as no others would have finished. Further racing was abandoned for the day. Sunday morning arrived still with no wind however the forecast stated it would build throughout the day from midday. Racing started at 1315 in the steadily building wind. In order to get in enough races, short course, 2 lap races were the order of the day. Race 2 saw Mawson and Anderson heading right up the beat to a commanding lead by the windward mark with the remainder of the fleet tightly bunched together. With the shortness of the races it became apparent that a good first lap was needed as places rarely changed after this. Result: Mawson 1st, Anderson 2nd, David Nunn 3rd. Race 3 started in a building breeze with Marshall over the line, with the fleet heading to the right of the course Marshall banged hand left, picked up a lift into the windward mark arriving behind Knight and Collis –Smith, again the rest of the fleet followed behind separated only by a few seconds. Result: Knight 1st, Marshall 2nd, Collis-Smith 3rd. Race 4. The black flag was flown for this start so everyone made a cautious start, Marshall and Anderson went left with the rest heading right. ¾ of the way up the first leg it looked good for the pair on the left however a massive shift to the right allowed Saunders to broad reach into the mark rounding first, followed by Anderson, Marshall and Knight behind. At the first gybe mark Anderson tried to close the door on Knight who had just managed to become overlapped resulting in a 720 for Anderson pushing him to the back of the fleet. The race was looking good for a Sanders win until a near capsize / in irons moment which allowed Knight and Marshall through. Finishing Knight 1st, Marshall 2nd, Sanders 3rd. Race 5 will be remembered by a couple of firsts within the 600 fleet, firstly 2 boats were black flagged (Anderson and Sanders) and sent home early. At the first mark class newcomer John Randall lead the way followed closely by Collis-Smith, Marshall, Mawson and Knight. Knight squeezed ahead down the run while Randall capsized letting most of the fleet past. A close battle ensured between Knight and Marshall for the remainder of the race. Coming onto the final leg it was Marshall ahead and to leeward but with the line bias favouring Knight. As both boats crossed the finish line there was only one gun. The race officer declared a dead heat and both were awarded a 1st. Result Joint 1st Knight and Marshall, 3rd Mawson. The final results ended up 1st Marshall (6), 2nd Knight (11), Mawson 3rd (11), 4th Anderson (19) with the class merit prize going to John Randall for some excellent sailing having only owned the boat for a fortnight.
    Rank Fleet Boat Name Sail No Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Nett RS 600 Fleet - Sailed: 5 Discards: 1 Ratings: PY 1 RS 600 Resurrection Shuffle 979 Ian Marshall RAFA & Oxford S.C. 1 6 2 2 1 6 2 RS 600 777 Alex Knight ChewValley S.C. 9 8 1 1 1 11 3 RS 600 861 Jamie Manson Ulley S.C. 2 1 5 9 3 11 4 RS 600 649 Shaun Anderson RAFSA 3 2 7 6 BFD 18 5 RS 600 730 Ian Collis-Smith ChewValley S.C. 7 11 3 5 4 19 6 RS 600 826 David Nunn Datchet Water S.C. 6 3 6 7 5 20 7 RS 600 768 Rob Vincent Weirwood S.C. 4 5 9 11 7 25 8 RS 600 Stringy Bits 909 Peter Sanders Queen Mary S.C. 10 10 4 3 BFD 27 9 RS 600 774 John Randall Stone S.C. 5 4 11 8 10 27 10 RS 600 RS Racing 900 Demo Dave RS Sailing 8 9 10 4 6 27 11 RS 600 710 C Mayhew IBRSC DNC 7 8 10 9 34 12 RS 600 Feathered Arrow 921 Darren Bower RAFSA 11 12 12 13 11 46 13 RS 600 872 Edward Cole Queen Mary S.C. DNC 13 DNC 12 8 47
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