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RS600 Boat Register / History

The boat register history has been built up over many years by owners of the boats entering their own details. If you see a boat number missing or a boat that you have previously owned but the entry is not there, please enter the details as a new entry.
This helps people when purchasing used boats as well as helping us build events calendars closer to the active fleets.
Boat Not Listed?

CountrySail NoOwnerPurchasedClub
GBR1008Matthew Botfield 02/10/2013Rutland
FRA100315/08/2013SNPH Le Havre
GBR987Bill Deeley01/12/2006Grafham Water S C
GBR986Richard Jeffries Bough Beech S C
GBR985Anthony York01/01/2007Northampton Sailing Club
GBR984Andy HeissigLymington Town S C
GBR983Olly StrakerWeston Sailing Club
GBR982Jamie Mawson01/11/2005Pennine S C
GBR981Geoff Stubbs15/10/2010Yorkshire Dales SC
GBR980Peter Noble01/07/2009Broadstairs Sailing Club
GBR979Chris Hatcher29/10/2011Margate Yacht Club
GBR975steven tinnams11/07/2012wilsonian sailing club
FRA970charbonnier eric04/03/2017pall
GBR968Dan Robins15/10/2006Oxford Sailing Club
GBR967WebbTudor Sailing Club
GBR964Tim HoldenChanonry Sailing Club
GBR963Matthew Holden01/04/2012Locks Sailing Club
GBR962Jamie Mawson01/09/2009Pennine SC / Ulley SC
GBR961Daniel Vincent04/07/2015Llyn Brenig
GBR960Dan Saltmarsh25/06/2009Blackwater Sailing Club
GBR959Paul Bayliss04/02/2007Portchester S C
GBR958HolmanHelensburgh Sailing Club
GBR957Tom Sanders07/03/2015West Kirby Sailing Club
GBR954Thomas Crane25/07/2018Brightlingsea Sailibg Club
GBR953R. Garland26/09/2015Upper Thames Sailing Club
GBR951Micheal Iszatt01/01/2008Fishers Green S C
GBR947Chris WhitneyFelpham S C
GBR946Richard Parsons07/09/2013Grafham Water Sailing Club
GBR943Sam Barker09/09/2012Castle Cove SC
GBR942Bradley Field31/03/2006Hill Head Sailing Club
GBR938Cameron Talbott02/09/2011Royal Hospital School
NLD937Elaine Turner01/05/2001Braassemermeer
GBR934Tom Robinson01/07/2005Warsash Sailing Club
GBR932Tom Powell01/05/2014Northampton Sailing Club
CHE931ScherrerZug Y C
GBR930John Thompson08/06/2011Whitefriers Sailing Club
CHE929KochZug Y C
GBR926Chris GorehamNetley Sailing Club
CHE925Boss Joel05/10/2014
GBR923LyleWeir Wood Sailing Club
GBR921BOWER14/12/2001Oxford Sailing Club
GBR920Ben Latham09/01/2019Errwood Sailing ClubLeigh & Lowton SC Blithfield SC
GBR919Chris WhitneyFelpham S C
GBR918Ifan James18/09/2008PYC
GBR917ReadLee on Solent Sailing Club
GBR916PurserChichester Yacht Club
AUS914Luxton IanAustralia - Southport
GBR913Dan Jackson01/01/2005Tenby Sailing Club
CHE912MeierSegel Club Stansstad
GBR911MontagueStone Sailing Club
GBR910Chris Blackburn28/11/2009Paignton Sailing Club
GBR909Sam Curtis03/09/2009Alton Sailing Club
IRL908Peter Doherty25/10/2013[email protected]
GBR906Ieuan Jones04/06/2015Llyn Brenig Sailing Club
GBR905BillGrafham Water S C
GBR904Will Davies11/04/2009Grafham Water S C
GBR901Simon Miles30/12/2014Netley SC
GBR900Harry Ashworth13/10/2014Bartley
GBR899DaviesOxford Sailing Club
GBR898Joseph Salsbury09/04/2010Hill Head Sailing Club
GBR897George Smith01/08/2011Bough Beech
GBR895Peter Lewis25/03/2016Grafham Water Sailing Club
CYP894julian astie30/01/2013 Episkopi Services Sailing
GBR893John Archer01/11/2006Dry stored
GBR892Graham RobinsonCovenham Sailing Club
GBR891Robert Ellis-Paul02/11/2013
GBR890MorlandWarsash Sailing Club
GBR889Nigel Clatworthy01/10/2011Paignton Sailing Club
GBR888ChampionRoadford Sailing Club
GBR887Jason McDonnell08/03/2009Bartley
GBR885Angus Jolly12/04/2011Manx Sailing and Cruising Club
GBR884Andrew Whittle02/04/2011Blackwater Sailing Club
GBR882Graham Simmonds01/06/2007Hayling Island S C
GBR881David Goudie01/01/2000Grafham Water S C
GBR880Edward Lewis15/07/2011Carsington Sailing Club
GBR879Alan Sinclair01/01/2007Prestwick Sailing Club
GBR876Richard Buckley01/08/2010Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR875Kelvin MortonGunfleet Sailing Club
GBR870Paul Procter01/01/2000Paignton Sailing Club
IRL869stephen mclernon01/05/2014
GBR868Rob Pike22/02/2014Bough beech
GBR867Richard Broughton14/08/2004Grafham Water S C
GBR861Lorrian Wells05/08/2014Highcliffe Sailing Club
GBR860Chris Iles22/07/2008Portsmouth SC, Locks SC
AUT859DoppelmayrYacht Club Hard
IRL858Stuart Burns10/06/2011Skerries sailing club
GBR856Mike Coombes01/06/1998Weston
GBR853Adrian Garland01/09/2006Thornbury SC
AUT852MayrBregenz Y C, Austria
GBR851Nick Turpin01/05/2005Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR850Charlie Stowe01/06/2012Rutland SC
GBR848Robert Johnson08/03/2009Grafham Water S C
GBR847Simon HIndley01/09/2011Restronguet Sailing Club
GBR844WinskellStewartby Water Sailing Club
GBR842PaullHamble River S C
CHE841GlauserZuercher Y C
GBR839Michael ScarffMengeham Rythe S C
GBR838Tim Miller01/04/2006Locks Sailing Club
GBR836Christiaan Frickel01/01/2008SCYC
FRA834delpeuch pierre-jean01/10/2011CVTG
GBR833Mark Lilley30/05/2010
GBR832Simon HalesPrestwick Sailing Club
GBR830Peter Williams01/04/2009Bough Beech S C
GBR828Tim GoldStone Sailing Club
GBR827richard lilley10/09/2010LTSC
GBR826David NunnDatchet Water S C
GBR825Matthew Botfield04/12/2010Rutland Water Sailing Club
GBR824GollikerDatchet Water S C
GBR823Jamie Pidduck10/02/2007Portchester S C
GBR822Tom Gooding01/09/2010Rutland SC
CHE818WeissZug Y C
CHE817WinklerZürcher Yacht Club
GBR816Tim Hartley05/05/2007Northampton Sailing Club
GBR815Edward Bellamy01/10/2009
ITA814MichelettiAsso Nautico Sebino, Italy
GBR812STEVE BIRBECKRoyal Torbay Yacht Club
GBR811Mike Coombes18/06/2011Hill Head Sailing Club
GBR810Benjamin GibsonRoyal Victoria YC
GBR809Olly Legg07/07/2010WeirWood sailing club
GBR808Felix Thomas10/03/2011Orford Sailing Club
FRA807gael allard09/08/2014asptt voile Nantes
GBR805Sam Luxford-Watts29/06/2008
GBR802ColemanGrafham Water S C
GBR801FordLangstone Sailing Club
GBR800Hamish Barbour10/01/2014East Lothian Yacht Club
GBR798Fat AndyRoyal Rondar YC
GBR797Will Moore20/04/2014Wharfedale Scout Sailing Centre - REVA
GBR794Matt Kneebone14/04/2007Restronguet Sailing Club
FRA792Anne MOUGET04/03/2017
GBR791Chris WhitneyFelpham S C
GBR790Maria Stanley16/02/2008Oxford Sailing Club
GBR787Robert Spelman-MarriottChew Valley Lake S C
GBR786George Smith07/08/2007Bough Beech S C
GBR785Andrew Smith11/09/2008Netley Sailing Club
GBR782Tom Gall08/01/2011Netley Sailing Club
GBR781danny read05/05/2013berwick upon tweed
GBR777Cliff Shaw03/03/2008Stokes Bay Sailing Club
GBR775Brian Holland12/05/2008South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club
GBR774RandallStone Sailing Club
GBR772TaylorIsland Barn Reservoir S C
GBR769Graeme John Fallows06/01/2011Lochaber Yacht Club
GBR768Tom Gall18/02/2011Netley Sailing Club
DEU766Philipp Hämmerle20/08/2013
GBR763Tony Freer
GBR757Christopher Bull31/01/2009Felpham S C
GBR756Tom Walker01/10/2006West Wittering S C
GBR754Darren Booth27/08/2008Helensburgh Sailing Club
GBR753Andrew Cook07/06/2007Seafarers Sailing Club
GBR751Dan Perry28/06/2008Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club
GBR750Alex Sharp23/10/2012South Shields Sailing Club
GBR747Ben Hodges20/05/2011South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club
GBR743Steve Minnikin24/08/2007Portishead Yacht & Sailing Club
GBR740ChipperfieldLymington Town S C
GBR738AinsworthWeaver S C
FRA735Adrian BOIVIN16/07/2008Luc Yacht Club
ITA733Marco Molinari15/10/2013C.V.I
GBR732NicholsonBartley Sailing Club
GBR731Ollie Wright02/01/2011Paignton Sailing Club
GBR730Paul Griffiths29/05/2013Royal Victoria yacht club
GBR728Tom White23/02/2017Olton Mere
GBR725Lee Bratley21/10/2017Carsington SC
CHE723CerlettiZug Y C
GBR722Adam Husband05/09/2009WWSC
GBR719FarnellDatchet Water S C
GBR717Mark DuckworthBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR716Chaz Gay09/06/2007
GBR715Alex Edwards22/09/2009Cardiff Bay Yacht Club
GBR713Tom Lee21/08/2016burghfieldsailing club
GBR710MayhewIsland Barn Reservoir S C
GBR709HeissigLymington Town S C
GBR708Paul DaceyGrafham Water S C
ITA707ettore gerbaudo01/06/2010club nautico bordighera
GBR703Seb Hansell21/05/2010Downs S.C.
GBR702Luke Lazell26/09/2014Up River Yacht Club
GBR701oliver clark30/03/2008Swanage Sailing Club
GBR697Andy Bayliss01/05/2010Hykeham Sailing Club
GBR696WapshottDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR694Andy Watterson01/06/2003Blithfield Sailing Club
CHE693ItenZug Y C
AUT692Spindelberger PatrickSCSW
GBR691WorboysMountbatten centre
GBR690Jason Benn19/03/2011Roa Island Boat Club
GBR689Daniel Hollands12/12/2008Hythe and Saltwood/ Bexhill/ Bough Beech
GBR687Harry Cox23/02/2008Bewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR686Paul Roe15/04/2009Draycote Water Sailing Club
AUS685Christopher PatersonSouth of Perth Yacht Club
GBR684Ben Murrell16/08/2008Yorkshire Dales
GBR681ReevesTudor Sailing Club
GBR680Lee Bratley14/06/2015Manor Park SC
GBR679William Colles01/09/2008Cardiff Bay Yacht Club
GBR678EnkelStone Sailing Club
GBR677Olly Straker14/07/2007Weston Sailing Club
GBR676matthew bryant31/03/2012bough beech
GBR675Peter Blakey31/03/2013Draycote Water
CHE672Pierre Reichmuth01/06/2012CVG Gruyere
GBR670Cliff Haslam01/04/2018
GBR669Al Cook10/10/2015Isle of sheppey sc
GBR667Robbie Robertson25/04/2013RNSA
GBR664Steve Chapman26/10/2007Felpham S C
GBR662Rhys Westcott27/04/2017Gratham Water Sailing Club
GBR661david hockings02/03/2013wobyc
GBR659Anthony York01/01/1996Northampton Sailing Club
GBR657Samuel Launders17/10/2009WWSC
GBR656Brian Birlison03/11/2007Whitefriars Sailing Club
GBR654Ian Marshall01/02/1995Oxford Sailing Club
GBR653Andrew Whittle01/09/2009Blackwater Sailing Club
GBR652Anthony York08/02/2019Northampton Sailing Club
GBR650MIke Coombes01/08/1997Weston
GBR649Mike Reckless28/12/2011Sutton In Ashfield
GBR647Martyn Barrett09/07/2017Rutland
GBR644Brian Whitmey08/01/2010Bough Beech S C
GBR643Gerald Bass27/07/2015
GBR642Robert Taylor16/10/2006Dalgety Bay S C
GBR641Steven Tinnams17/05/2006Wilsonian Sailing Club
GBR640Tony Freer
GBR637John CoxFelixstowe Ferry S C
GBR635Micky Early06/05/2012Tees & Hartlepool Yacht Club
GBR633James Miles-Ogden12/11/2013Pitsford SC but soon to move nearer home!
GBR632Al Cook07/06/2014
GBR631Stephen McDonald14/02/2007Starcross Yacht Club
GBR630Mark Peak18/09/2007Alton Water Sailing Club
GBR626FrenchIsland Barn Reservoir S C
GBR624Rory Coupar02/02/2013Netley Sailing Club
GBR621Grant Blake26/04/2008Oxford Sailing Club
GBR618Liam Bibby03/10/2018Roa Island Boat Club
GBR613CrossHarlow blackwater s c
HKG612Kevin Lewis01/01/2005Aberdeen Boat Club, Hong Kong
GBR609Richard Bounds12/05/2019
GBR607Peter Carr01/01/2007Prestwick Sailing Club
GBR606Matt Topham15/11/2006Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR602Jon AtkinsNeyland Yacht Club
Boat Sold, new owner details not available.
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