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The Boat - specification


Length4470mm / 14ft 8in
Beam1930mm-2130mm / 6ft 4in - 7ft
Hull Weight52kg / 115lb
Sailing Weight76kg / 167lb
Mainsail10.55m2 - 12.14m2 Mylar fully battened mainsail with reefing.
Hull ConstructionEpoxy and GRP foam sandwich
FoilsDaggerboard and lifting rudder. GRP and foam composite.
MastCarbon composite
BoomAluminium alloy
DesignerClive Everest and Nick Peters
PY917 as at 29 Feb 2024


NameLengthDiameterTypePt No
Mainsheet8m8mm1 x 8mm Excel Fusion or 8mm Swiftcord
Mainsheet Bridle1.38m4mmCompact BraidKDB04
Downhaul Control Line9m4mm4mm Evolution Breeze Continuous Line
Downhaul Primary1.1m4mm1 x 4mm Evolution Race
Kicker Top1.5m3mm1 x 3mm Dyneema sk78
Outhaul Primary3.2m3mm1 x 3mm Dyneema sk78
Boom strops2 x 0.6m6mmEvolution RacingKKD06
Control line Takeaway3 x 3m5mmShockcordKS305
Trapeze shockcord Shockcord4m4mm2 x 4mm Shockcord Elastic
Forestay purchase1.85m6mmEvolution RacingKKD06
Rudder Downhaul Part 11.4m4mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS04
Rudder Downhaul Part 20.55m4mmEvolution RacingKKD04
Main Halyard14m4mm1 x 4mm Evolution Race Rope
Trapeze Adjusters1.8m5mm2 x 5mm Evolution Performance
Trapeze Lines?3mm2 x 3mm D12 Dyneema
Outhaul Control Line4.8m41 x 4mm Evolution Race
Kicker Second1.5m3mm1 x 3mm Dyneema sk78
Kicker Control Line12m4mm1 x 4mm Evolution Breeze Continuous Line
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