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New RS600 Sails available to order now

A new sail has been developed by a group of RS600 sailors working with Hyde and the Boatyard at Beer.

The new sail came about because Hyde ran out of the previous material and no more was being produced, therefore we were in danger of being unable to obtain any new sails for our boats. 

Together with Hyde, Boatyard at Beer and a few of our sailors, we developed this new sail that features a brand new material that's promised to be just as sturdy and in a new radial construction.  It has been around only 9 months from being notified of the non availability of the old material to getting the first new sail onto a boat (pictured on my boat) and we're ugely grateful to all at Hyde and Boatyard for their impressive work and commitment to the class.

Sails are available to order from Boatyard at Beer now.

Current price (subject to change) is £692 including vat, delivery, battens, bag and numbers.

Call Sue at the boatyard on 01297 23434 for more info - or for any of your RS600 chandlery requirements.

Lee Bratley

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